Plastic surgery? Sure! Why not! The 10 Commandments of Plastic Surgery

About 340,000 Austrians have actually had plastic surgery and a staggering 1.2 million have at least already thought about having it. Plastic surgery operations are totally in – after all, good looks are increasingly seen as the key to professional and private success.
“Men and women between the ages of 25 and 50, who lead successful professional lives where they have to deal with distinct concepts of ideal beauty, are especially interested in having plastic surgery” said Prim. Dr. Johann Umschaden, Medical Director of the Schwarzl Klinik for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. However, the increasing number of operations has unfortunately also led to an increasing amount of untrustworthy clinics and surgeons. So, in order to separate the wheat from the chaff and to ensure that you don’t wake up to a nightmare scenario after your operation, you should make sure to always keep in mind the following 10 tips when selecting your plastic surgeon:

1. Only have plastic surgery done by a specialist

Find the right specialist for you. Get detailed information as to the qualifications of the surgeon who will be performing the operation on you in order to ensure that his knowledge of plastic surgery was not gained during a weekend seminar!
A regular job description to be looking for is: Specialist for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery 

2. Only say yes to plastic surgery after having an extensive consultation

Consultation is the key. The success or failure of your operation rests on you having the right advice during your consultation. Only an experienced surgeon can decide whether the operation you want can actually be done to your and their satisfaction. Demand to see before-after pictures, PC simulations and all information in writing. KEEP AWAY from doctors who do not mention the potential risks of undergoing surgery.

3. Only have plastic surgery from a doctor you trust

Trust your instincts. Make sure to listen to what your mind and body are actually telling you! Don’t just look at the qualifications a doctor's got when making your choice, but also trust your instincts. If you’re not sure, having a good feeling and trust in your surgeon can be more important than the actual price.

4. Only say yes to plastic surgery after having the appropriate time to think

Make sure you take time to think things over. Don’t make any hasty decisions. There should always be a time gap between your consultation and your actual operation when having plastic surgery. After all, you’re making a decision for life.

5. Only have plastic surgery after undergoing a test for operation suitability

Test your health. Never have major surgery without finding out about your current state of health (operation suitability). Even younger people are not always immune to the risks of an operation. The preliminary examination gives you a sense of security and will calm you down before the operation.

6. Only have plastic surgery in a proper operating theatre

Operations should only be carried out in an operating theatre. Sounds logical, but it's not always self-evident: No matter whether you’re under sedation or general anaesthetic: Make sure that plastic surgery is only carried out in an air-conditioned operating theatre under the watchful eye of an anaesthetist. While the anaesthetist is checking your vitals, the surgeon can concentrate fully on carrying out the operation. This is the only way to maintain both your personal safety and perfect hygienic conditions.

7. Only have plastic surgery if you are monitored in a post-anaesthesia care unit after your operation

Make sure you don’t get a rude awakening! In the wake-up phase after an operation, heart rate, circulation and breathing must be monitored in the post-anaesthesia care unit (PACU) until you begin to feel comfortable. In this phase the doctor treating you should also be available at all times.

8. Only have plastic surgery if you can get in touch with your doctor at all times

Aftercare is important, too. Prior to treatment, make sure to find out that you can always consult your doctor during the healing phase.

9. Only use standardised top-quality products when having plastic surgery

You have to pay for quality. Don’t make false savings. High-quality medical products (e.g. breast implants, suction cannula) should always be used in plastic surgery. Substandard products increase the risk of needing follow-up operations. Serious surgeons quote a fixed price prior to the operation – which also includes aftercare.

10. Only have plastic surgery if you’ve got time to recover afterwards

Take time to recover. There are different healing and recovery phases for every operation, which have to be discussed with your surgeon. So, give yourself some time to rest and recuperate after your operation. After all: You should take the time to enjoy your new and even more beautiful self!

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