The Medical Center

Specialist for Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Specialist areas:

  • Fertility treatment
  • in-vitro-fertilisation
  • institute for hormonal imbalances
  • symptoms of the menopause
  • fertility

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Physiotherapy Centre Laßnitzhöhe

 The physiotherapy center is currently undergoing reconstruction and is expected to be available again from autumn 2018.
Thank you for your understanding!



Surgery for Naturopathy

The way to physical and mental and spiritual health

Valeom diagnostics and Mora-Bioresonanz

Valeom screening is an extensive and detailed analysis of the state of health. Loads and intolerance of any kind will be so well detected by means of electro-acupuncture, clarified and treated.

Health prevention through early detection

Milieu detecting whether viruses bacteria, heavy metal contamination, acid base balance, micronutrients, tooth material testing, food compatibility or intolerances, toxicant exposure, E-Smog ?, stress loads (as well in children)

HRV Heart rate variability measurement

Control of heart disease, recognizing stress loads of the heart, determining the optimal level of training for the cardiovascular training

DSM Electrical impedance measurement

Detecting interference fields and inflammation and its treatment

Mora-Point Therapy

Bioresonance electro-acupuncture Combined with color vibration frequencies, cupping

Individual dietary advice

Metabolic counseling, obesity, diet for allergies, intolerances, gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, pain

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Jana Lahucka
Certified beautician

Best Dermaceutical Regeneration - bdr

With results close to medicine, the bdr Medical Beauty Concept offers a highly effective alternative to invasive surgery. In addition, bdr supports plastic-aesthetic surgery in the pre- and postoperative area.

la beauté médecine

The professional, high-dose active ingredient cosmetics comes from Austria. It contains skin-identical ingredients that are exactly modeled on the natural structure of the skin. These high quality products provide a visible solution for every skin type and problem.

Permanent Make Up by Goldeneye

More creative techniques, more precise working methods, a sense of hygiene, the highest quality of pigments, high-tech technology "Made in Germany", modern and sophisticated training at the highest level ...
All this makes the Goldeneye method one of the best known, most popular and most artistically valuable methods of the Permanent Make Up world.

T: +43 664 5434011 • E: • W:


Further Companies

Alphamed Medizintechnik Fischer GmbH • T: +43 3133 2527 • E: • W:
Institute for Laboratory Sciences Dr. Greilberger GmbH • T: +43 3133 30616, E:


Schwarzl Klinik - ein Unternehmen der SANLAS Holding

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